Cell Phones You Want at the Price You Need

If you have looked at the retail prices of cell phones in the store, you already know that it can be a pretty big expense to replace your phone at any other point than when renewing your carrier service. So how do people who don’t want to renew or aren’t eligible for an upgrade afford a phone? They come to Indy Cellular 4Less in Indianapolis, Indiana.

We make it easy and affordable to get the new and pre-owned cell phones and cell phone accessories you want and need without roping you into extensive contracts or ugly 2 year financing. Our new, open box and certified pre-owned cell phones work perfect and help you save money. Not only that, but we also offer monthly unlimited cell phone service, accessories, and phone unlocking services for our customers as well.

Completely Guaranteed certified pre-owned Cell Phones
When you place a pre-owned cell phone order with eBay or most other online retailers, there is a certain amount of risk involved. Will the phone come as it was described? Will there be damage that wasn’t reported in the listing? There are a bunch of variables that put you at risk.

Take the risk out of ordering affordable pre-owned cell phones by working with our company. We offer an extensive 6 month guarantee on all of the phones we sell,  5 months longer than eBay. Additionally, all phones go through a state of the art 46 point diagnostic test by trained techs who can diagnose and fix any of our pre-owned cell phones so that we know they are in the best possible condition before you buy them. Come stop by our store today to see why people have been turning to us for their pre-owned and new cell phone needs for the past ten years.

Contact us for the best new and pre-owned cell phones, accessories, and services in the Indianapolis, Indiana, area. Our team looks forward to giving you what you need to enhance the way you communicate with the people in your life.

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