Walter L.Robin
I Googled “Used Phones Indianapolis” and these guys showed up everywhere and looked like a safe bet. The shop was very clean and the 3 employees were over the top helpful and full of insight. I went in looking for an iPhone but after hearing the pros and cons from the 3 of them (1 iPhone user and 2 Android users) I decided I was going to take the plunge and get the Note 4. Wow I am so impressed with the android operating system which I would of never even thought of trying if I had not stumbled upon this place. They didn’t try to push the most expensive phone on me after hearing my needs they suggested last years model saying me about $180, thanks! You can tell these guys care as there was about 9 customers in the shop while I was in there and I would say ½ the customers just had questions or needed help with a tech questions and they spent as much time with them as the paying customers. The owner of the shop gave me $20 off the Note 3 and a discount on a glass shield when I mentioned I had saw a coupon online (hint hint). Thanks guys for converting me to Android!